Winter sun enlightens the snow and hoarfrost around the hermit's shack

My name is Beth, and I live a mostly solitary life in a rustic shack overlooking a rocky-bottomed mountain creek, in a little place I call Hermit Hollow.

This is the abode of a free spirit bent on living out her own quiet revolution — one who’s sometimes irreverent, sometimes feisty. (Even Hermits can have a wicked sense of humor.) Sometimes tender and true. Rustic and resourceful. Fiercely independent. Peacefully joyous. Questioning outward Authority, seeking the inner Light, and learning to own my time, spirit, and mind.

Hush… there’s a red-bellied woodpecker at the feeder outside the west window, and a doe and her fawn are grazing in the upper meadow. And the great blue heron is stalking something tasty down in the creek.

Glad to have you visit my virtual hermitage — a sanctuary, really, or a retreat — where peace, stillness, and simple yet civilized living are at hand. Do relax by the fire, put your feet up, and “set a spell.”